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Popular Volkswagen Accessories Help VW Owners Make Their Own Personal Statement

In our highly mobile age, your car is not just transportation, but a reflection of your lifestyle. Whether you commute 30 miles to work, or drive your kids all over the state to participate in sports tournaments, or see weekend fun as cruising the open road, you want a car that conveniently and comfortably allows you to do it in style. Genuine Volkswagen accessories outfit your car for your life.

Here are 10 accessories that can improve your Volkswagen ownership experience.

Communication Aids

Bluetooth connectivity. Many VW's have up-to-date Bluetooth technology, but if your car doesn't, you can buy a kit containing everything you need to incorporate this popular technology.

Bluetooth hands-free phone kits. Volkswagen models already include a great stereo system that can be put to your service when you want to use your cell phone without having to fumble for it. Many local laws prohibit using hand-held phones, so a Bluetooth hands-free system will allow you to go hands-free and stay safe

Entertainment. Whether you want to expand your accessibility to CDs with a six-disc CD changer that mounts on your armrest or utilize your iPod to play your stored music, there is a VW accessory for you.
For these and other communications options, your VW service department can properly install the equipment so it works perfectly with your car's audio system.


Sports equipment holders: Whether you want to carry one or more bikes on top your car, VW has a rack that will fit your model perfectly, along with carriers for skis, canoes, and surfboards that can fit on a common carrier base.

Car top carriers: Taking your kid to college or going on vacation? A VW car top carrier might be the perfect way for you to carry extra luggage without compromising seating space or trunk space. These VW units will make sure that your cargo is securely fastened without adding too much weight to your vehicle.

Protective touches. To reduce wear and tear on your car, you can add doorsills to protect or and enhance the entry points for passengers or skin plates to protect your front or back underbody from dirt and undercarriage damage.

Fashion touches. To up the sports factor of your car, you can add front or rear valances, side skirts, or spoilers. Most come primed and ready to paint, and your VW service department can handle the customization for you.

Exhaust protection. Adding a stainless exhaust tip adds a touch of class and protects your muffler and exhaust pipe from corroding.

DriverGear. So proud of your car you want to show off the brand? VW offers an extensive line of hats, shirts, jackets, fleece, shorts, socks, and more to expand your wardrobe. You can even get your pets into the act with doggiewear and further enjoy the brand with a line of coffee mugs and travel mugs, duffel bags, and backpacks.

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