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Islam And All Religions Teach Humanbeings To Make A Peace In The World

In nowadays there are so much wrong coments about Islam and moslem. I have to say that it is not true that moslems are terorists. In fact , a terorism has no relationship with relogions, but it connected with politic, social and idilogy. Well, may be there are some moslem organizations that considered as terorist, for example alqoidah, but it does not mean that all moslems are terorists.

Allah The God says in Quran that every humanbeing has a freedom to believe or not in a religion.. The Propeth Muhammad, may Allah bless him forever, also said ( hadist ) that every moslem or believer has to love his neighbours, if he still can't do it, it means that his faith is not ferfect. It is wonderful, isn't it?

In the bible Jesus also said that everyone has to love his neighbours as he love to him self. That is the second golden law. I am sure that all religions come from The God. So there is not religion that teach the follower to make destrucions in this world.

When Muhammad The Massanger lived in Madinah Al-Munawaroh, beside he is a propeth, he was also a leader of a country. May be in nowadays he was a president. His people containts of variety humanbeings. Majority of them are moslems, others are cristians, jaws and atc. He ordered to his own people like this: " Whoever attacks anyone 'zimmi citizen' ( the not moslem citizen but live in Madinah peacfuly ) it is just the same that he attacks me ". It proofs that Islam is just the same with another religions, It teach and order to make a peace.

Since now, Hi Ladies and Gentlemen, lets say to all humanbeings in this world to make a peace. Stop terorism, stop colonialism and also stop war. To Mr. President USA, please don't make a war anymore. To Alqoidah, please stop your terorism. Lets do what Allah order to us. To you Israel, stop your colonialism to Palestine. Give Palestine His own freedom.

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